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Last updated 9 October, 2018

Forms and Constitution

You can download the following forms in MS Word 2003 format and you can view the club's constitution with Adobe Acrobat.

bullet Membership Application Form - Ordinary Member
bullet Membership Application Form - Associate Member
bullet Membership Renewal Form - Postal - for either Ordinary or Associate Members - paying by post
bullet Membership Renewal Form - EFT    - for either Ordinary or Associate Members - paying by Electronic Funds Transfer
bullet Membership Detail Update Form

Annual Membership Fees:

bullet Ordinary Member:                      $30    Early Bird bonus applies until 31st July - see below
bullet Associate Member:                    $15    Early Bird bonus applies until 31st July - see below

Payments may be made by:

bullet Cheque or Money order payable to "Clubman Drivers Club of Australia Inc."
bullet Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to our bank.  Details are on the "Membership Renewal Form - EFT" above.

The Annual Membership Fee is payable on or before 1st July each year.  If you join as a new member in April, May or June, your membership runs through to the end of June in the following year.

Ordinary Membership:  To be a member of CDCA you only need an interest in Clubman style cars.  You do not have to own one.  Membership entitles you to take part in all our activities plus you receive our club Newsletter approximately every two months, which contains lots of interesting articles contributed by members and also to gain access to CAMS licences for speed and events run by CAMS. 

Associate or Additional Family Membership: Since the club is a CAMS Member Club, other members of your immediate family may need to be a financial member of the club in their own right in order to take advantage of that affiliation and apply for a CAMS License.  Additional family members who live at the same address as a Full Member may pay a reduced annual fee, payable in July each year and are issued with their own CDCA Membership card.  At least one member of the family must be a financial current Ordinary Member of the club for others to take advantage of Associate Member status.  Other family members who do NOT require their own CDCA Membership card or CAMS Licence do NOT need to apply for Associate Membership and are welcome to take part in club social activities.

Membership Application:  You can download and print our Membership Application Form (above) in Adobe Acrobat format.  Send it with your cheque/money order to the address on the form and you will receive a receipt and membership card in the mail. We will also send you the latest Newsletter.  [If you don't have Adobe Acrobat, you can download a free copy from]

Membership Renewal:  Existing members can download the Renewal Form (above) and send it with the Annual Membership Fee to the Treasurer.  Please indicate on the form whether you are renewing Ordinary or Associate Membership.

Early Bird renewal:  Current members who renew their membership before the end of July, can take advantage of the Early Bird bonus - a $10 discount for Ordinary Members ($5 discount for Associate Members).

Membership Detail Update:  When your contact or car details change, please download and fill in the Membership Detail Update form and return it to the address on the form.  Alternatively you can email the details to our Treasurer.

All members are required to abide by the rules, regulations and bylaws of the club.  These are contained in the Constitution, which is reproduced below.


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Rules and Constitution of


as amended at its AGM on 19th August 2017

The name of the Club formed under the amended rules shall be the Clubman Drivers Club of Australia Incorporated
(the Club).

1.1   To promote, foster Clubman Ownership and Motor Sport generally in all its branches.
1.2   To promote friendship and courtesy on the road, and in competition between members of the Club.
1.3   To promote and engender social activities.
1.4   To conduct meetings and classes whereby members may obtain knowledge enabling them to become better
        drivers and to maintain their vehicles in a high standard of efficiency.

2.1   Ordinary membership shall be open to any person interested in furtherance of the objectives of the Club.
        Nominations for membership shall be in writing on the membership application form or as the committee shall
        determine.  All members shall be elected by the committee of the Club.
2.2   Life membership may be conferred on members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), provided due notice
        has been given in accordance with clause 19.
2.3   Honorary membership may be conferred on non-members by the Executive Committee for a period not
        exceeding three calendar months.
2.4   Associate membership shall be available to the immediate family of a full member at the discretion of the

By giving notice in writing to the Secretary or Treasurer, a member may at any time resign membership of the Club without refund of their subscriptions.  Should a member have not paid their annual subscription as at the 30th September in the current year, they shall be deemed to have resigned at the start of that year. 
Any past Member having discharged all liabilities to the Club and wishing to re-join may, upon an available vacancy, be proposed and balloted for in accordance with the rules. The Committee may, at their discretion, excuse payment of any entrance fee.

Every member shall communicate his or her address to the Secretary.  Such address shall be inserted in the register of Members and all notices sent by the following methods shall be deemed to have been duly delivered on the day following the day of posting.  It shall be the responsibility of all Members to notify the Secretary of any change of address.
For the purpose of this constitution, a notice may be served on or given to a person:-
(a) by delivering it to the person personally, or
(b) by sending it by pre-paid post to the address of the person, or
(c) by sending it by facsimile transmission or some other form of electronic transmission to an address specified by the person for giving or serving the notice.
The register of members will be maintained under the Presidents control and must be open for inspection, free of charge, by any member of the Club at any reasonable hour.

. PAYMENT OF SUBSCRIPTION.On admission a new member shall pay the subscription fee, as set by the committee,within two weeks of acceptance notification.
All annual subscriptions shall be payable on the first day of July on which day the financial year shall commence.  Any member whose subscription is unpaid on the last day of August shall cease to be a member and the name of such member shall be erased from the books of the Club but may be reinstated by the Committee upon available vacancy and on payment of all arrears. Subscription rates shall be determined annually at the AGM.

The liability of a member of the Club to contribute towards the payment of the debts and liabilities of the Club or the costs, charges and expenses of the winding up of the Club is limited to the amount, if any, unpaid by the member in respect of membership of the Club as required by clause 5.

(1) A complaint may be made to the committee by any person that a member of the Club:-
(a) has refused or neglected to comply with a provision or provisions of this constitution, or
(b) has willfully acted in a manner prejudicial to the interests of the Club.
(2) The committee may refuse to deal with a complaint if it considers the complaint to be trivial or vexatious in nature.
(3) If the committee decides to deal with the complaint, the committee:-
(a) must cause notice of the complaint to be served on the member concerned, and
(b) must give the member at least 14 days from the time the notice is served within which to make submissions to the committee in connection with the complaint, and
(c) must take into consideration any submissions made by the member in connection with the complaint.
(4) The committee may, by resolution, expel the member from the Club or suspend the member from membership of the Club if, after considering the complaint and any submissions made in connection with the complaint, it is satisfied that the facts alleged in the complaint have been proved and the expulsion or suspension is warranted in the circumstances.
(5) If the committee expels or suspends a member, the secretary must, within 7 days after the action is taken, cause written notice to be given to the member of the action taken, of the reasons given by the committee for having taken that action and of the member's right of appeal under clause 8
(6) The expulsion or suspension does not take effect:-
(a) until the expiration of the period within which the member is entitled to appeal against the resolution concerned, or
(b) if within that period the member exercises the right of appeal, unless and until the Club confirms the resolution under clause 8 whichever is the later.

(1) A member may appeal to the Club in a general meeting against a resolution of the committee under clause 7 within
7 days after notice of the resolution is served on the member, by lodging with the secretary a notice to that effect.
(2) The notice may, but need not, be accompanied by a statement of the grounds on which the member intends to
rely for the purposes of the appeal.
(3) On receipt of a notice from a member under sub-clause (1), the secretary must notify the committee which is to
convene a general meeting of the association to be held within 28 days after the date on which the secretary received
the notice.
(4) At a general meeting of the association convened under sub-clause (3):-
(a) no business other than the question of the appeal is to be transacted, and
(b) the committee and the member must be given the opportunity to state their respective cases orally or in writing, or both, and
(c) the members present are to vote by secret ballot on the question of whether the resolution should be confirmed or revoked.
(5) The appeal is to be determined by a simple majority of votes cast by members of the Club.

Any member, in accordance with the rules or otherwise, ceasing to be a member of the Club, shall forfeit all such rights to, or claim upon the Club, or its property as he /she otherwise would have by reason of membership.

The management of the Club shall be vested in the Committee, which shall consist of the President, Secretary, Editor and CAMS Delegate of the Club.  The President shall be the Chairman of all meetings except that in his absence the Secretary shall be Chairman.

(1) The committee must meet at least three times in each period of 12 months at such place and time as the committee may determine.
(2) Additional meetings of the committee may be convened by the president or by any member the committee.
(3) Oral or written notice of a meeting of the committee must be given by the secretary to each member of the committee at least 48 hours (or such other period as may be unanimously agreed on by the members of the committee) before the time appointed for the holding of the meeting.
(4) Any three members of the committee constitute a quorum for the transaction of the business of a meeting of the committee.
(5) No business is to be transacted by the committee unless a quorum is present and if, within half an hour of the time appointed for the meeting, a quorum is not present, the meeting is to stand adjourned
(6) At a meeting of the committee:-
(a) the president or, in the president's absence, the secretary are to preside, or
(b) if the president and the secretary are absent or unwilling to act, such one of the remaining members of the committee as may be chosen by the members present at the meeting is to preside.

The Office Bearers shall be elected at the AGM and shall hold office for a period of twelve months from the date of election, and they shall consist of the President, Secretary, Treasurer, Editor and CAMS delegate and such other members as shall be decided upon at the AGM.  The whole of the Committee shall retire at the end of each twelve months and shall be eligible for re-election.
Any Office Bearer or member of the Committee failing to attend three consecutive committee meetings without apology or just cause shall thereby render himself liable to exclusion from that office or Committee, by the Committee.

13. BY-LAWS.
The Committee is empowered to make, repeal and amend such by-laws as they may consider necessary for the proper conduct of the Club.  By-laws made as aforesaid shall have effect until otherwise determined by the Committee or at an AGM or Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the Club.  In particular, but not exclusively, such by-laws may provide for and regulate -
13.1    The nomination of members who may be elected to membership and the Committee and method of election of a committee to manage their affairs.
13.2    The admission of visitors to meetings and benefits of the Club and fees to be paid by such visitors.
13.3    The provision of fines for the breach of any by-laws.
13.4    Generally all matters as are commonly the subject matter of Rules, Regulations or By-laws of a Club.

The election of members of the Committee shall take place in the ensuing manner:
14.1    Any two ordinary members of the Club may nominate a member to serve on the Committee.  Nominations will be received from the members present at the AGM, with acknowledgement from the candidate agreeing to serve, if elected.
14.2    If two or more candidates obtain an equal number of votes a further ballot will be held, restricted to such candidates.

The Secretary shall conduct the correspondence of the Club and subject to the control of the Committee, shall have the custody of all documents belonging to the Club.  Such records, books and other documents of the Club must be open for inspection, free of charge, by a member of the Club at any reasonable hour.  The secretary shall keep full and correct minutes of all proceedings of the Club and of the Committee.

The Treasurer shall keep the accounts of the Club and shall make up the annual Statement of Accounts and Balance Sheet of the Club to the end of June in each year, which shall be printed and circulated amongst the members at the AGM.

Any casual vacancy on the Committee may be filled by the Committee and any member so chosen shall retire at the following AGM but shall be eligible to become a candidate for election to the Committee at such AGM.

18.1   The Committee shall have the power to make and publish any by-laws for the improved management and control of the Club which shall not be inconsistent with this Constitution, and shall have the power to invite any other person to attend Committee Meetings who may be of assistance to them in a professional and skilled manner for his or her advice and guidance thereon, provided that such person shall not be entitled to a vote upon the Committee.
18.2    The Committee in addition to the powers hereinafter specifically conferred upon them shall have the control of the finances of the Club, power to engage, control and dismiss the Club servants and all such administrative powers as may be necessary to properly carry out the objects of the Club in accordance with these rules.

At least 14 days clear notice of intention to convene an EGM or an AGM shall be given by the Secretary to all members.  Any notice of motion intended to be put to the meeting shall be delivered to the Secretary not later than 21 days prior to the date fixed for the meeting, and shall be included with the notice for the Meeting.

At AGM and EGM, a quorum shall be 5 (five) members present, and at a Committee Meeting 3 (three) Committee Members.
(1) No item of business is to be transacted at a general meeting unless a quorum of members entitled under this constitution to vote is present during the time the meeting is considering that item.
(2) 3 (three) members present (being members entitled under this constitution to vote at a general meeting) constitute a quorum for the transaction of the business of a general meeting.
(3) If within half an hour after the appointed time for the commencement of a general meeting a quorum is not present, the meeting is to be dissolved,
The AGM of the Club shall be held not later than the last day of August in each year when the Annual Report, Balance Sheet and Treasurer's Report shall be presented, and elections held for the Committee.

The Committee may call an EGM when any question of urgent importance shall arise and shall be bound to do so on receiving a requisition signed by two-thirds of Ordinary Members of the Club for a specifically stated purpose, or by a member who has been expelled by the Committee and has duly given notice of his/her desire to appeal to an EGM.

Any decisions of the Committee or of the Members at any EGM or AGM save and except as elsewhere provided otherwise shall be decided by the majority of full financial members of those and voting. Associate and Honorary members have no voting rights.
The Chairman has neither a deliberative nor casting vote.  Motions upon which the voting is equally for and against shall be declared lost.


(1) The association may hold a postal or electronic ballot (as the committee determines) to determine any issue or proposal (other than an appeal under clause 8).
(2) A postal or electronic ballot is to be conducted in accordance with Schedule 3 of the Associations Incorporation Regulation.
(1) The committee may, by instrument in writing, delegate to one or more sub- committees (consisting of such member or members of the Club as the committee thinks fit) the exercise of such of the functions of the committee as are specified in the instrument, other than:-
(a) this power of delegation, and
(b) a function which is a duty imposed on the committee by the Act or by any other law.
(2) A function the exercise of which has been delegated to a sub-committee under this clause may, while the delegation remains unrevoked, be exercised from time to time by the sub-committee in accordance with the terms of the delegation.
(3) A delegation under this clause may be made subject to such conditions or limitations as to the exercise of any function, or as to time or circumstances, as may be specified in the instrument of delegation.
(4) Despite any delegation under this clause, the committee may continue to exercise any function delegated.
(5) Any act or thing done or suffered by a sub-committee acting in the exercise of a delegation under this clause has the same force and effect as it would have if it had been done or suffered by the committee.
(6) The committee may, by instrument in writing, revoke wholly or in part any delegation under this clause.
(7) A sub-committee may meet and adjourn as it thinks proper.

The Constitution may be amended at an EGM or an AGM convened in accord with clause19, provided that the amendment is approved by at least two-thirds of the full financial members present and voting at the meeting, and provided that this clause shall not empower the Club to amend this Constitution as far as it refers to the provisions set out in clauses 28(Funds) and 32(Dissolution). Associate and Honorary members have no voting rights.

The club will maintain insurance for all gazetted Club meetings and for all equipment owned by the Club.

The funds of the Club are to be derived from entrance fees and annual subscriptions of members, donations and subject to any resolution passed by the Club in general meeting, such other sources as the committee determines.
The funds of the Club shall be banked in the name of the Club, as soon as practicable and without deduction.  The Club’s bank account shall be operated upon by any two of the President, Secretary, Treasurer, Editor, or CAMS Delegate.
The Club must, as soon as practicable after receiving any money, issue an appropriate receipt.
The Club is prohibited from making any distribution to its members, whether in money, property or otherwise howsoever, of any asset; provided however, that this shall not prevent payment in good faith of remuneration to any officers or servants, or reimbursement of out of pocket expenses incurred in facilitating the objectives of the Club.

All accounts for payment shall be presented to the Committee for consideration prior to passing for payments.

(1) The following documents must be open to inspection, free of charge, by a member of the Club at any reasonable hour:-
(a) records, books and other financial documents of the Club,
(b) this constitution,
(c) minutes of all committee meetings and general meetings of the Club
(2) A member of the Club may obtain a copy of any of the documents referred to in sub-clause (1) on payment of a fee of not more than $1 for each page copied.

The financial year of the Club shall conclude on the last day of June in each year.

The Club shall be dissolved in the event of the Membership being less than 5 persons or upon the vote of a majority of the Members present at an EGM convened to consider such question.  Upon dissolution, assets and funds on hand may, after payment of all expenses and liabilities, be handed over to such other Club or similar Association having objects such as are stated in clause 1 of this Constitution or such registered charity as a majority of the Members present at a General Meeting may decide.

No Member shall take away or permit to be taken away from the Club under any pretext whatever, or shall injure or destroy any newspaper, pamphlet, book or other article the property of the Club unless instructed by the Committee to do so.

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