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Clubman Drivers Club of Australia Inc

The Australian Club for Clubman Enthusiasts

Who are we?

We are an association of past, present and future owners of Clubman style cars and people who are just interested in the marque but may never own one.  We organise social, driving and other activities to foster and promote enjoyment of these cars on and off the track, good driving practices, an exchange of knowledge and ideas to keep our vehicles well maintained, safe and efficient.  This club is not into racing, but we do occasionally organise track days for enjoyment and driver training, usually in conjunction with other clubs.

Although we are primarily a social club, the CDCA is affiliated with Motorsport Australia so that those members who would like to take part in competition can apply for a Motorsport Australia Licence, nominating the CDCA as their affiliated club.

Our Constitution, which you can read in full on our Membership page, sums up the objectives of the club very nicely:

  1. To promote, foster Clubman Ownership and Motor Sport generally in all its branches.
  2. To promote friendship and courtesy on the road, and in competition between members of the Club.
  3. To promote and engender social activities.
  4. To conduct meetings and classes whereby members may obtain knowledge enabling them to become better drivers and to maintain their vehicles in a high standard of efficiency.

What's a Clubman?

Amaroo_Clubman.jpg (637623 bytes)A Clubman is a lightweight, open, two-seat roadster generally designed for both road and track with an emphasis on simplicity,  performance and road-holding.  The concept was originated by Colin Chapman in the 1957 Lotus 7 as a car that could be driven to a meeting, raced and then driven home again.  Many still are.

Nota_F1.jpg (623338 bytes)Its basic design has been copied and developed by many amateur and professional builders over the years but most have remained faithful to the original front engine, rear wheel drive layout, however we are now seeing many mid-engined variants, such as the Nota F1 pictured right, due to the demise of source cars with rear wheel drive and the convenience, weight saving and simplicity of fitting an engine with integral gearbox and final drive into the chassis behind the cockpit.  Most designs are available in kit form to satisfy the owner/builder enthusiast.  

See our Manufacturers page for contact details of some of the Clubman manufacturers in Australia.
Note, the Clubman Drivers Club of Australia Incorporated is affiliated with the Australian Low Volume and Individually Constructed Vehicle Association (ALVICVA)

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If you are planning to build a Clubman

bullet Be sure that you talk to someone who has recently had their car successfully passed by your local  registration authority because there may be a few hurdles you may not be aware of and
bullet Contact your local registration authority to familiarise yourself with their processes and their current list of Engineering Signatories.

How do you contact the club?

Correspondence may be addressed to:

   The Secretary
   Clubman Drivers Club of Australia Inc.
   4 Calgaroo Crescent
   Kingswood NSW  2747

or you can phone or email any of the committee members.

CDCA Committee
Club Officers Phone
(after hours)
President Greg Newman (02) 9718 8921
Secretary Dave Gosling 0417 449 184
Treasurer / Webmaster Richard Audsley (02) 9801 0930
Motorsport Australia Delegate Steven C
Newsletter Editor Steve Bode 0402 574 499

Why join the club?

  • You get to meet a lot of like-minded enthusiasts keen to enjoy their Clubbie, exchange ideas and help one another improve both the car and their driving experience.
  • The club produces a Newsletter approximately every two months (in colour for those who have Web or email access) containing details of future events, event reports, technical articles and other items of interest.
  • We organise half-day, full-day and overnight runs from Sydney.
  • We join in with other clubs at training days, fun runs (e.g. the Brass Monkey run organised by Austin Healey Owners Club of NSW ) and in friendly competition at supersprints.
  • Hold meetings and socials.
  • If you are not in Sydney or you want to hold a Clubbie event in Australia?  The Committee can approve convening a Sub-Committee to run local Clubbie events.

How do you join the club?

See our Membership page.

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